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Resources Available for Free

The following resources should only be used in a home use environment and not implemented, installed or used in a business environment. All of the below are installed and used at your own risk and come with no support from Best Network design.


Free Versions – Anti Virus

Whether you run a Windows machine or a Mac (yes you’re vulnerable too) your computer does need to have at least a free version of anti-virus protection. We would recommend a paid for option as the protection is enhanced over free versions. If you would like information on paid for options please feel free to reach out to us.


AVG’s free version of their latest Anti Virus Protection. Click Here

Sophos free version of their Mac Anti Virus Protecton. Click Here


Free Online Backup

Google Drive provides a free backup for Windows and Mac machines. This shouldn’t replace your Windows backup or Time Machine backups but can be a supplement to the backups you run at home. Click Here

Need a Professional and affordable website?

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